Its been awhile since we've updated anything so we have to apologize for that...we have been really busy.

So first off we have more new Cigars!!  I have new Nub Cafe's, Don Pepin Garcia Originals, Leaf by Oscars, Partigas Febrero & Diciembre, & Romeo y Julieta 1875's to name but a few. We are thinking about expanding the Humidor and including a Smoking lounge.  This may be a project for 2017 as winter is coming upon us rapidly.

We are a bit concerned with this new Tobacco Tax. It will increase taxes on everything we sell and make it almost impossible for most of us to make money let alone pass any savings on to our customers.  I hope it doesn't pass honestly.

I need to get some pictures taken...I will try to keep you updated a bit more regularly.  As soon as we begin getting some stuff together to share with you folks we will do it! Hoping to put a small class or two together; we'll think of a topic later but its something that has been on my mind.


New Cigars are in! We even have a couple new Deadwood Sweet Janes in!! Come check it out!


IGNITE THE NIGHTS 8/20/2016 was a Blast!!  Thanks to Luke Countryman for this video right here in front of the shop.  Check it out:


The Boss is out at the IPCPR Expo!!  Come in and tell us you heard the Boss is out this week and we will give you a discount!!  This week only!!  Hurry in!  This doesn't happen very often.......


We are going to begin a page to leave you messages of what's happening here at the store...like for instance.... when we get a Cigar or Glass order in, maybe when we have a class on Cigars or something new coming about.  So stay tuned and we'll will let you know what is currently going on.