The Perfect Assh began as a life-long dream of owner James Hayes, a 20 year Cigar Aficionado.

The Perfect Assh has evolved like a fine wine.  After Jim's previous Office Manager purchased a Christmas gift for him of the Monte Cristo Operation Hope gift pack, he was; after a bit of coaxing, ready and excited to open his own shop. After a bit of planning and long sleepless nights a plan was put into action. With the help of long time friend Jerry W. and two of his senior employees Brad and Wes, the humidor was designed and built over several weekends  The cigars were then purchased from a handful of Vendors and the shelves were stocked to open for 'Ignite the Nights'car show and burn out contesthere in Libby Mt.

The store has only been open since August of 2014 but already the Humidor has been expanded and the inventory has gone from less than 100 cigars to well over 200 cigars and also boasts a good selection of loose tobacco and other items.   Customers come from all over the country and Canada come to check out our selection and leave with a handful of cigars and a new appreciation for the finer things in life. 

In an attempt to meet the needs of some of the locals here in Libby, Jim has brought in cigars such as Ashton and allows his more steady customers the opportunity to take a few free ones home to try, if they like them then he will bring them in to allow some of the other customers the opportunity to enjoy them as well.  Prices are fair and not over priced for our area, which allows other customers, from cities close by, to customers visiting from other states, to stock up on some of the higher end cigars.   Most of the cigars in the Humidor come from the Dominican Republic.  Jim explains that people don't realize that the seeds are taken from Cuban tobacco plants, which then makes up the tobacco in the cigars we purchase and are better than the Cuban cigars by far. 

There are plans to expand the humidor even more, so stay tuned...